John Kennedy, is a DJ who presents Xposure on XFM, between 10pm and 2am Monday -Thursdays. He is the only DJ to have been with XFM constantly since its inception and the show is the longest running of all of the specialist shows (1 year longer than closest rival ‘The Remix’ with Eddy Temple-Morris. Originally the show was broadcast on XFM London, but upon launch XFM Manchester also broadcast the show.

The show has developed a cult following over the years as it is thought to be the station’s only remnant of the original launch sound and is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2009. It focuses on a very wide variety of cutting edge and alternative music from a wide selection of genres, so it has been the first show ever to play (and help launch the careers of) many bands and artists over the years and lead to John being thanked at the 2008 Brit Awards by Kate Nash. The show also features ‘album playbacks’ where big artists come in to talk about and play through their new album in its entirety as an insight into their most recent work.

The show also features album tracks and singles that people may have forgotten about or have particular meaning in relation to current times in the form of ‘lost classics’.

There are also regular X-Posure Live nights, at which Kennedy compères and DJs, and live bands play and then these are broadcast on the radio in segments over the next few weeks.

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